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Carling Service Center

Carling Service Center is available 24  hours a day for routine and emergency service on air compressors and air dryers. With factory trained service technicians, Carling has the capability of servicing/repairing/overhaul any size of Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-rand and Carling air compressors

Whether your compressor is down and you require immediate / emergency service, or you realize the importance of properly maintained equipment and would like a preventive maintenance program - Carling service center is the right place.  


*IR *Centac major repair job done by Carling service team.

Major repair job for *Centac (centrifugal compressor) at one of the customer site by Carling service team and Centrifugal compressor expert from USA.


Inspecting the 1st stage diffuser bore
Inspection of contamination carried over to 2nd stage.
*Centac Component after and before overhaul
Second stage diffuser bore before chemical cleaning.
Second stage diffuser bore after chemical cleaning.
Impeller before chemical cleaning.
Impeller after chemical cleaning.
First stage cooler housing before chemical cleaning.
Second stage Cooler housing after chemical cleaning.
New *Centac part arrive from USA.
*Centac compressor back in action after repaired by carling service team.

*IR *SSR series screw compressors service by Carling service team.

Changing air oil separator for  a 150 hp screw compressor
Final through out checking after servicing.
Test run a 75 hp screw compressor after normal servicing perform by Carling Service Team.

*Atlas Copco oil injected screw compressor service by Carling service team.

Troubleshooting the electrical problem for one of a 75 hp screw compressor
A fleet of 100 hp screw compressors been inspected by Carling service engineer under our preventive maintenance program.                               

*Atlas Copco & *Ingersoll-Rand compressors overhaul by Carling overhaul team.

Remove the airend & motor from a *Atlas Copco 75 hp screw compressor
Dismantle the airend from motor.
Clear view of the airend and motor.
Cooler after chemical cleaning.
Male and female rotors are waiting for rebuilding work in Carling workshop.
Complete airend housing with gear box and motors arrive in Carling workshop for rebuilding work.
Motor rebuild in Carling workshop
A technician is changing 3 pieces of air filters for a 200 hp screw compressor at Carling workshop
An certified electrician is checking on the circuit of a 150 hp screw compressor at Carling Workshop.
*Atlas Copco and *Ingersoll-Rand screw compressors line up waiting for overhaul.
A damage 50 hp screw compressor sent by customer to Carling workshop for a complete overhaul.
Test run on one of the 100 hp screw compressor in Carling workshop after overhaul.


Servicing a huge desiccant dryer at customer site.
Carling technicians are working on a huge desiccant dryer servicing including changing 8000 kg of desiccants in a fortune 500 electronic factory.

Servicing a desiccant dryer by Carling service team.


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Atlas Copcoregistered trade mark, *GA - is the registered trademark of Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
*Ingersoll-Randregistered trade mark, *Centac, *SSR - is the registered trademark of Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Carling Air Compressor Group of companies are independent compressor companies and we are not associated with Atlas Copco Airpower n.v. or Ingersoll-Rand Co.
The above manufacturers names are provided for reference purpose only.

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